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Despite his wife’s warning, Pilate took the path of least resistance – not releasing Jesus, but having him flogged, handing him over to the murderous mob, yet still trying to claim his conscience was as clean as his hands.

The Bible notes I’m reading at the moment end their section on this passage with a prayer that God would “help us to face up to the challenges that we encounter and to work them through to the glory of [his] name.” Yet Pilate didn’t face up to the challenges, and didn’t work them through, but God’s name was actually more glorified through Pilate’s weakness and failure.

So what does this teach us? It’s ok to fail? God is sovereign and his will will be done in spite of, or even because of our failings? (Yet I imagine Pilate will be judged by God for not acting to prevent Jesus’ death.)

Why did God send a warning through Pilate’s wife if the salvation of the world rested on him not heeding it?

Any thoughts?