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Here’s an intriguing little thought. “God is not served by human hands.”

Have you noticed that before?

It makes sense, of course – “as if he needed anything,” particularly from us!

Yet it’s quite a common mindset that we are here to serve God. I know that’s how I often look at it. Not that he needs me, exactly, but that I serve out of gratitude for what he’s done.

Just recently I was reading Gagging Jesus by Phil Moore, and was struck by this quotation in it from John Piper’s Brothers, We Are Not Professionals:


Service may be rebellion? Strong stuff! Piper explains:


It’s a subtle shift, but an important one – God doesn’t need us but he wants to work through us. He could do what he wants perfectly well without us, but somehow seems to prefer to do it with us.

I haven’t quite got my head around it yet, but the fact it has come up twice in a couple of weeks suggests maybe I should…!