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The word ‘awesome’ caught my eye in this passage. It’s overused today, and usually used to describe something very good/enjoyable, particularly if that thing is unexpected. So I’m picturing the wicked, disdainful, mocking people of Moab and Ammon seeing the Lord’s vengeance and destruction and saying ‘awesome!’ in the tone of Californian surfer-dudes who have just seen someone ride a really big wave.

It’s an odd mental image!

I’ve been pondering what the word really means in context, though (I actually read this yesterday, but had to leave for work in a rush and didn’t feel I’d paid it enough attention to try to post then).

What is the verse saying? How will Israel’s enemies react to God’s destruction? They will be filled with awe – stunned, amazed. Their experience of deities is idols – statues carved of wood and stone that can’t speak or think, let alone act. In their mindset, might is right: the strongest, richest, most populace nation wins; there is no help coming from anywhere.

But God will show up and blow their minds, blasting their neat categories and explanations out of the water. He will fight for his people, and he will win, and there will be nothing the enemies can do about it.

Truly our God is an awesome God!