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I haven’t posted much from Zechariah, because a lot of it is a bit strange – lots of end-times-type prophecies that I don’t really understand or know what they’re supposed to teach me.

This section is also talking about the time when God will restore Jerusalem and establish righteousness. I thought it was interesting, though, that even when the false prophets stop prophesying, they will continue lying!

God knows that their characters will remain unchanged – external pressure, even the threat of death, can modify behaviour, but it takes a change of heart for true repentance to occur. If the prophets had really repented, they would have confessed their sins to God and others, they would have acknowledged their past errors, but testified that the Lord is gracious and forgiving and had delivered them from their sin. Adding more lies to the false prophecy is not a solution.

I wonder how often and in what circumstances I do this. What behaviours have I modified without changing the mindset that motivated them in the first place? How about you?