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This is a fairly random snippet, because I’ve done Acts already, fairly recently, but today I was reading a study guide on prayer and it sent me to this passage.

It had never struck me before what a courageous prayer this is.

To put it in context, Peter and John had just spent a night in prison at the hands of the priests and the Sadducees, and had then been questioned by them about their audacity in preaching about Jesus. They had let them go, more because they feared the people than anything else, and Peter, John and the other believers knew that wasn’t the end of it.

So what did they pray? Not ‘please protect us from the religious leaders’, not ‘please stop your opponents in their tracks’, not even ‘please help them see the truth’.

No, they prayed, ‘These people opposed you and killed your son, but we can see that that was in accordance with your will, so please give us boldness to obey what you have commanded us whatever the consequences.’

What faith! What courage! What a difference from the way we often pray!