A double-whammy today, about persistence in prayer.

The devotional I’m reading sent me first to the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel and was talking about the importance of persistence in prayer.

Then it took me to Daniel and the passages in which these 2 verses appear.

I think it’s one of those mysteries we’re never going to be able to fathom, isn’t it? God wants us to be persistent in prayer, but then (sometimes) assures us that our prayer was answered from the first moment we asked.

I suppose it doesn’t help that we are time-bound people dealing with a timeless God – he knows from the moment we start praying how persistent we are going to be and how fervently we want the thing, so he answers then on the basis that we will keep praying for a long time before he answers.

So confusing!

Then add to that the angels sometimes getting caught for longer than they expected on a task, and who knows when our prayers will get answered (I wonder what Jacob’s angel was supposed to be doing when he was delayed by Jacob!).

Clearly the only solution is to keep praying and not be discouraged, because we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes!