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You’re going to start thinking I’ve never actually read the Bible if I keep saying this, but I’ve never noticed this before!*

“The Lord came and stood there.” What an incredible thing that must have been.

We don’t get any sense of fear from Samuel, even though the first verse of the chapter makes it clear that this would not have been a normal occurrence in Israel at the time.

What a privilege to see God! What an honour to be one of the few people in the whole of God’s chosen nation to whom he chose to reveal himself and to speak!

Let’s watch as we go through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel together, but unless I’ve really not been paying attention, I don’t think this immense privilege led Samuel into any kind of arrogance or sense of entitlement. He was trusted with a special intimacy with God, presumably because God knew he could be trusted to handle it appropriately.

The fact that he did is borne out by the fact that God continued to appear and to speak to Samuel.


*PS, and that’s why I’m doing this exercise in the first place, to force myself to focus on the text not just let it drift pass my eyes – it’s working! Thank you for joining me on the journey!