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My snippets are going to be a bit random and sporadic for a while, because I’m studying Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, rather than simply reading through a book of the Bible.

This week’s discipline is meditation – and I’m finding it a real challenge just to sit in God’s presence and meditate on Him and His word, and not then talk about it. I managed to resist yesterday, but today something similar jumped out and I just had to share it!

I had never noticed before that Joshua was right beside Moses on Mount Sinai and later in the tent of meeting. Aaron wasn’t allowed to go up into the presence of the Lord, the people weren’t even allowed to touch the foot of the mountain, but Joshua seems to have been right there beside Moses all the time.

Sometimes the leaders – the ones with position, authority and prestige – are not the ones we should be seeking to emulate. It was the assistant who got to enter into the presence of God and stand close by as the Lord Almighty revealed himself to Moses.

What a privilege, and what a lot it says about Joshua’s character that he was trusted, that he had the courage to enter God’s presence when the people were too afraid (Ex 20:18-21), and that he was acceptable to God – the death penalty of chapter 19 was withheld from him.