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This week’s chapter in ‘Celebration of Discipline’ is on the discipline of study.

Each chapter gives a discussion of the discipline, the reasons for it, and a few pointers on how to go about it. It then lists Bible readings for the week to ground the principle in Scripture.

Today I was directed to Ezra 7:10, and, seeing that it started with a ‘for’, read back a few verses to see what it was for.

It is not 100% clear, but it seems that the success, safety and perhaps speed of the journey are directly related to Ezra having devoted himself to studying and obeying God’s law.

Certainly something to do with Ezra taking 4 months to travel from Babylon to Jerusalem was a sign of God’s favour on him, and that favour was because he had devoted himself to the discipline of study (including putting into practice what he was learning, which is key).

So study isn’t just a dry, academic pursuit leading to a bigger brain and a greater ability to win debates, but a practical way of deepening your relationship with God.

We don’t study in order to know more, but in order to know God more intimately. He is the goal.