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This is one of those chunks I don’t think I’ve ever heard preached on. There are plenty of sermons about ‘Where your treasure is…’ and plenty about ‘You cannot serve both God and money’, but they seem to skip this part – which is a shame, because I’m not sure I really understand it.

Let’s see if we can unravel it: First, the eyes are lights shining into the body, which is never my immediate thought – I think of lamps as shining out, showing you where to go.

Second, it’s in the context of possessions, so I suppose that implies that the things you are looking at/focusing on are the images that will be projected back into your heart – as the source of light in a lamp is the flame, so the source of light in this instance is the thing the eyes are focused on.

Third: ‘if your eyes are bad’ – I tend to read and understand that as meaning ‘if your eyes are weak’ – maybe the vision is obscured by cataracts or something. But given the context, it seems more likely to mean ‘if your eyes are focusing on the wrong thing’. I suppose in a way that’s analogous with having weak eyes or obscured vision, but unlike poor eyesight, it’s something you have the power and responsibility to change.

If the messages we allow our eyes to send to our brains and bodies are unhelpful/sinful/corrupted, we will eventually become filled with those messages and thought-patterns rather than filed with the light that comes from focusing on God and true treasure.

Does that make sense, do you think?