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We were looking at the theme of unity in my small group the other night, and read this Psalm as part of it. I’ve read it before, but always just skimmed through and never really understood it, but when you stop and think about it, it is a beautiful picture.

The oil on Aaron’s head is the oil of his anointing as a priest (see Ex 29:4-9). When Christians are united, God’s anointing pours down over the whole body of Christ.

The dew on Mount Zion represents God’s life-giving blessings, new and fresh every morning, watering all the people of God and bringing forth fruitfulness.

When we are united, each of us individually and all of us corporately are anointed, commissioned and made fruitful. What an incredible promise (and what a warning about disunity – it doesn’t just hamper the effectiveness of the group you’re bringing disunity to, but affects your own anointing and fruitfulness, too)!