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Now here’s another of those little snippets I’ve never noticed before.  

I’m not entirely sure what the phrase ‘reaching  the place of judgement ahead of them’ means, but I love the imagery of other sins ‘trailing behind’ you.  Ditto with the positive side about good deeds. 

I’m picturing the empty cans, streamers and balloons people attach to the back of wedding cars (though the cans are very noisy and I think the imagery here is of something less obvious) – from the front it just looks like a normal car; it’s only when you get to the back that you see the clear proclamation ‘Just Married’. 

It’s challenging and comforting to know that God sees everything and that one day everything will come to light and be seen and judged for what it is. Whether we’ve been sinned against, or we’ve lived well with little recognition, one day, all will be seen and justice will be served.