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A few weeks ago in church we had a sermon on this passage from Haggai, which made the point that unclean things make clean things dirty, not vice versa. If you have muddy hands and touch your clean, white shirt, the mud makes the shirt dirty. 

A couple of weeks later we had a guest preacher who preached on this passage from Mark 5:

The woman was unclean. She would have been separated from her community because of her illness and uncleanness, because everyone knew that if something unclean touches something clean it defiles it. 

But then she touched Jesus’ garment, and she was instantly made clean. 

A garment carrying holy food can’t make the uncleanness clean, but a garment covering a holy God can.

And it gets even better, because in Acts 19:11-12 we read that bits of cloth that Paul had touched were taken to the sick and they were healed:

Now the garments don’t even need to be touching the holy person, they can carry the holiness with them!

Jesus changed the way physics works and he left his power with us. And in the power of the Spirit we can do even greater things than he did, just as he promised.