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Poor old Peter. We criticise him so much for his implusiveness and his ability to put his foot in it. But have you ever noticed that of all the disciples who had been with Jesus at the Passover meal, and with him in the garden of Gethsemane, only Peter and John  even followed him to the High Priest when he was arrested (and the other gospels don’t even mention John, only Peter). Peter has gone down in history for denying Jesus, but all the other disciples seem to have run away at the first sign of trouble!

It’s like we criticise Thomas for wanting to see and touch Jesus, when the other disciples only believed because they had seen, too.

The one who speaks up is the one who gets criticised, but it’s no better to doubt and fear in silence. In fact, Peter had the experience of being explicitly forgiven and reinstated after Jesus’ resurrection, whereas none of those who simply ran and hid did. Also Thomas got to touch the risen Jesus, whereas the others had only seen him.

Our honesty might draw criticism from others, but it enables God to meet, heal and restore us in a way that our hidden sins don’t allow.